The Lake District Mountains

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23 08 05 - Grisedale Pike with Paul W.

We set off from Braithwaite having found some free parking near St.Herbert's church. Our intention was to do the whole of the Coledale round but the weather forecast wasn't good. There was much more cloud than the previous day and it was significantly  lower, hiding Grasmoor and clinging to the top of Eel Crag as we set off. On the steep final ascent of Grisedale Pike the clouds came down to meet us and the wind began to gather strength. At the summit the wind was howling and swirling like a mad thing and it was all but impossible to stand up straight. Paul and I crouched there for a while by the small cairn with a woman who joined us briefly. We could not see very far in any direction and as the weather seemed to be worsening we decided to cut the walk short and head back down. We descended via the north eastern ridge in order to avoid retracing our footsteps. The decision to curtail the walk was a good one. By the time we got back to the car the rain was lashing down and all the hills were completely hidden.


A street in Braithwaite


Looking back down on the town


Eel Crag in cloud


The path to Grisedale Pike


And higher up as the clouds come down


Paul near the summit, not resting but lowering his centre of gravity so as not to get blown over by very high winds


The summit and not much of a view


Coming down the north eastern ridge towards Revelin Moss


Across the centre of the photograph is Sleet How, the ridge by which we had ascended


The path through the forest which eventually took us back to the B5292 and on to Braithwaite


  The Lake District Mountains