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2004 06 18 - Haycock and Seatallan with Paul D.

After a night at the Wasdale Head Inn we were faced with another early morning downpour but fortunately things brightened up as the day progressed. We started from Greendale and followed the path along Greendale Gill towards the tarn. From the tarn we climbed towards Haycock via Pots of Ashness and approached the summit up the steep western flanks of the fell. As we dropped down from Haycock towards Seatallan the sun was still shining, as can be seen from the photograph, but as we approached Seatallan the clouds and rain rushed in behind us from the direction of Ennerdale. The climb up Seatallan was accompanied by howling wind and rain but the weather eased at the summit and began improving considerably as we descended.


Why is this place called Greendale?


Waterfalls higher up the path


Greendale Tarn


Seatallan from the tarn and Haycock appearing in the distance


The Scafells over Yewbarrow


Haycock and the weather is improving


Paul and Meg near the summit


Looking towards Iron Crag and Ennerdale Water


Steeple and Scoat Fell from Haycock


The stone-strewn summit of Haycock


Heading for Seatallan (Photo Paul D)


And very quickly, Haycock disappears behind us


The trig point and the Irish sea beyond


Paul and Meg taking shelter


Wet, weary and windswept (Photo Paul D)


And Meg doesn't look too good either


Waterfall on the way back down and the weather has improved


The crags of Wastwater Screes from Greendale


And the Scafells free of clouds for the first time in two days


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