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29-07-2018 - Hallin Fell with Alison, Joe, Ana and Jack.


We were going to catch the ferry from Pooley Bridge to Howtown but Ullswater was covered in mist and its waters quite choppy. After a brief debate we decided to drive down to the start of the walk. Just like the previous day, we sat in the car for some time while the rain lashed down outside. Eventually we set off as the downpour eased a little but it didn't take long for the clouds to open up again. Fortunately this isn't a long walk and although it was wet, windy and unwelcoming at the summit we had another great time despite the weather.


Looking back down the path towards St Peter's church hidden in the trees on the left


Up the path


And the rain gets harder


And harder


The obelisk appears


More rain


Not much shelter at the summit


But everybody manages a smile - just about!


Ullswater from the summit


The obelisk has definitely grown over the last few years


On the way back down - still raining but who cares?