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28 03 2018 - High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag, Red Screes and Middle Dodd

with Paul D. Kate and Tom


After the previous day's appalling weather it was a relief to set off on this walk from Cow Bridge near Brothers Water with no wind, no rain and very good, clear views. There were plenty of clouds about but they mostly kept above the tops throughout the walk. The steep climb up High Hartsop Dodd and the even steeper descent off Middle Dodd eventually took their toll on my poor old knees as I limped and hobbled unhappily back to the car. Paul, meanwhile, had selfishly abandoned the rest of the party at the foot of Middle Dodd and hitched a lift up to the Kirkstone Pass Inn. He was on his third pint by the time the rest of us joined him. Shameful!


High Hartsop Dodd  on the right and Middle Dodd to the left


Brothers Water and Angletarn Pikes in the distance


Dove Crag and Hart Crag


Brothers Water


High Hartsop Dodd summit


The view across to Middle Dodd and Red Screes


The northern top of Little Hart Crag


Between Little Hart Crag's two tops




At the summit


Looking back towards Little Hart Crag as we drop down to Scandale Pass


And in no time at all here is the summit of Red Screes with Ill Bell in the distance


    The summit again


And again


Tom scuttles off to Middle Dodd


Middle Dodd summit


The summit again


Dropping back down


Middle Dodd