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 -01-08-2019-- Hindscarth and Dale Head with Alison, Ana and Jack.


We headed to Little Town for this walk which took us up Hindscarth and then on to Dale Head before dropping down into The Newlands valley before returning to the start of the walk. It was hard work but very rewarding. The trek down the valley seemed much longer than it looks on the map but it was full of interest. The waterfalls were particularly stunning.


A bright, sunny start to the walk from Little Town


In next to no time we're looking down on the world


A bit of a scramble


The view up the Newlands valley with High Spy to the left and Dale Head to the right


Resting at Hindscarth's summit


Something 'amusing' going on


Towards Dale Head, our next objective


Dale Head summit


The summit cairn and the Newlands valley


Hindscarth from Dale Head


Posing at the summit


Dalehead Tarn


Looking back up the path from Dale Head


Crossing the beck


The path climbs up slightly and then drops back down into the Newlands valley


Waterfalls along the path of descent


And more


Still more


Looking back up the valley as the sun catches the top of the crags


And a field full of Lamas as we return to the start of the walk