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14-04-2010 - Mardale Ill Bell, High Street, Rampsgill Head, High Raise  and Kidsty Pike with Paul W. and Jan from Mardale Head.



Haweswater from the path to Nan Bield Pass


Haweswater from the path below Small Water


Small Water


Harter Fell from across Nan Bield Pass


Mardale Ill Bell summit with Haweswater in the background


Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick from Mardale Ill Bell


At a shelter near High Street's summit


The trig point at High Street's summit


Riggindale and Rough Crag


Descending from High Street towards the Straights of Riggindale


 The Straights of Riggindale


Kidsty Pike


Looking back to High Street


Rest Dodd from Rampsgill Head


The Nabb from Rampsgill Head


High Raise summit


Approaching Kidsty Pike summit


Looking down into Riggindale from Kidsty Pike summit


Kidsty Pike summit


Kidsty Pike summit again


Harter Fell over Rough Crag


Descending towards Haweswater