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2006 11 17 - Gray Crag.

I started out from Hartsop. It was wet (I mean lashing it down) and blustery on the climb up and cold with low clouds on the tops. The views were generally poor and the summit largely uninteresting because of this. I hung around the summit cairn for a while hoping that the shifting clouds would lift a little but to no avail. High Street and all the other tops remained hidden and so I decided to retrace my footsteps and descended by the way I'd come, back down towards the Filter House. As I might have anticipated the weather brightened up considerably as I drove home and there was even a little sunshine.


Gray Crag from near the start of the walk


Pasture Beck


Gray Crag again


Hayeswater Gill - looking up


And looking down with the Filter House on the right


The Knott from the flanks of Gray Crag


Heading into the clouds


Looking across Hayeswater to The Knott in cloud


The view down to Hartsop


And mist all around


The view towards  Place Fell


Rest Dodd


On the path back down to Hartsop


Hayeswater Gill again


  The Lake District Mountains