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    01 03 2005 - Seat Sandal


I started the walk from Mill Bridge on the A591 and took the path the leads up towards Great Tongue. At the Tongue I followed the route along Tongue Gill as it climbs towards Grisedale Hause which is some distance beyond its apparent position when viewed from the early part of the walk.  At about 1500 ft I hit the snow and from this point it got deeper and deeper. The actual path up to the summit from the tarn was completely hidden by snow and the steep ascent had to be taken with care. The clouds kept relatively high the whole day though I did get some at the summit.


   Looking back towards Helm Crag from near the start of the walk


From Hause Moss, Grisedale Hause is now visible and some blue sky


Dollywaggon Pike across Grisedale Tarn


St.Sunday Crag


The view towards Patterdale


Up to Fairfield


Looking down from the path to Seat Sandal's summit


Dollywaggon Pike now in mist


Not quite the summit but some more blue sky at least


Seat Sandal's summit


Nothing but snow and ice